Agyapa Deal: Ghana Does Not Have a Hope in Hell to Succeed

agyapa deals

Dear Ghana,

Holy crickets, this Agyapa deal, which is worse than galamsey, is unconscionable and sinful against the sovereignty of Ghana! I’m down in spirit because Ghanaian politicians who come begging us to try them and see take us for fools. What on earth will move a government to mortgage our future royalties on natural resources (about 12 gold mines) in perpetuity to an off-shore entity hiding in a tax-haven in Jersey, UK? Except greed, corruption and unpatriotism will give traction to this stinking deal.

Why would government peg our anticipated streams of income on gold royalties to $1billion in perpetuity without proper evaluation and forecasting? If there was due diligence in the four years government took to prepare this deal why is the Finance Minister withholding details of this deal from Parliament and Ghanaians? With this bogus deal, if it turns out that Ghana undervalued or underestimated this projected amount ($1billion) then foreigners (i.e shareholders) will be the ones benefiting from the excess income from our gold royalties. Oh gosh Ghana has no hope in Hell to succeed (meaning bound to fail).

It was (dis) honours even when 500 excavators flew into oblivion just like guinea fowls flew to Burkina Faso under NDC but now NPP has taken the corruption honours to a step higher by brokering a stinking Alibaba deal like “Agyapa Royalties” in this virgin territory (mortgage of royalties). Resources for development that are rarer than a hen’s teeth are being siphoned through a special purpose vehicle (a code name for corruption canal) to enrich friends, families and cronies here and abroad.

However much paid party assigns insult CSOs and Ghanaians and spin it through Humpty Dumptyism, anyone who knows what’s what won’t fall for this corrupt deal. It stinks to Hell! Party faithfuls should remove the blinders and ear-plugs to speak against this deal for it’s inimical to our present and future generations. Drop the Agyapa (aka Alibaba) deal now!

It’s just a question of time for NPP to pay the price and do housewarming in opposition. Thanks.

Franklin K

Cc: Common Sense Association of Ghana


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