Agyapa Deal: State Capture Averted

agyapa deals

Dear Ghana,

Ghanaians wanted an outright cancellation of Agyapagate in its current form but we’ve been served with a suspension instead. Anyway, this suspension is good enough for jazz (soso).

Let’s pay glowing tributes to our Knights in shining armours (CSOs & independent minds) who came to the rescue of Ghana from collosal damage. Kudos for the spirited fight in the interest of Ghana! From now on, party supporters and sympathizers should desist from the “auto-piloting” (re-echoing party position) in the discourse of national issues anytime Ghanaians question and critique government policies.

Now that Agyapagate has been suspended are these party knaves going to retract the insults they hurled at Ghanaians who foresaw the fraud and kicked against this stinking deal? Now the “governed” they tagged dumb has rendered the “governor” incompetent. Tomorrow again! NPP, your indecent haste in passing this family-and-friends cartel is eroding the trust Ghanaians reposed in you at the polls in 2016. You’ve been henpecked into backtracking with your money heist (Agyapagate) by those your attacked without cause. Party assigns should note that Ghanaians who critique government policies do not have rocks in their head.

Let every Ghanaian note that 2020 general elections will be a choice between armed robbers and thieves (courtesy Dr Manteaw) so let’s choose wisely. The silence on the Ghanaian airwaves is brought to you by Enapa Royalties! Thanks.

Franklin K


Cc: Enapa Royalties


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