Angry Fantana Vows To Beat Wendy Shay – And This Is The Reason

Wendy Shay and Fantana

There is fire on the mountain! The camp of Rufftown records is under fire right now and it might turn into something else if nothing is done to quench it.

The fight between Fantana and Wendy Shay has revamped and this time things are getting very messy as Fantana vows to beat the hell out of Wendy .

Fantana in a recent interview called Wendy Shay a local champion and from clear indications Wendy didn’t take it lightly, so she responded.

Wendy replied her label mate by saying,

Some artiste can create news but can’t create hit songs
Ask how much Betplanet paid me…

However Wendy Shay in her attack also insulted her colleague in German language which read,

Mit große Zähne macht man keine Hitsongs
Ich mach Kohle Und scheiß auf euch alle

Meaning – ‘You Don’t make hit songs with big teeth, I make coal and shit on all of you’

Angry Fantana upon finding out the meaning of the German words Wendy wrote for her broke loose and descended on her label mate in an Instagram live video.

According to her, she was bullied several times when she was young because of her teeth so when someone talks about her teeth she takes it very personal.

In fact the way the ‘So what’ singer was talking in the video, you could see she’s angry and hurt, so she gave out some stern warnings to Wendy to stay out of her life and anything that concerns her.

She also hinted that, the next time Wendy talks about her teeth or her mother, the whole of Ghana and Accra can not contain the two of them.

Watch video below;


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