Azman Air protests grounding of planes


Azman Air has written a protest letter to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) demanding the lifting of suspension of its operations, while insisting that the regulatory agency’s decision was too hasty.

In the letter which was seen by the Daily Sun, the airline’s accountable manager, Muhammad Hadi Abdulmunaf, said even though the NCAA investigated two of the three incidents which happened this month and cleared the aircraft for operations, the third incident had not been investigated, hence there is no basis for suspension.

It then asked the Authority to reverse the suspension “in line with the established precedent in respect of other airlines which has similar incidents/experiences in the past. This is particularly necessary in the interest of justice, fairness, and fairplay.”

The letter with title: Re: Suspension of Parts A3 and D43 of the Operations Specifications Issued to Azman Air” reads: “Shortly after recur of the letter, we received a zoom conference invitation which was held between 1pm to 2pm on Tuesday (16/03/2021) surprisingly, the reason or grounds for suspension on Azman operations was not contained in the letter under reference, nor discussed at the zoom conference. In fact all Azman officials request with reasons or ground was not attended to. Instead , attempt was made by the chief host (Engr. Ajiboye) to link the Azman Aircraft wheel burst in Lagos on (16/02/2021) with 5N-SYS which occurred on (16/02/2021) with recent Kaduna wheel burst of flight 5N-YSM which happened on 15/03/2021.

“Instructively, the NCAA and AIB have cleared Azman Air Aircraft to continue its operations. Also the incident that happened with regards to an object falling from Aircraft 5incidents/experiences in the past. This is particularly necessary in the interest of justice, fairness, and fairplay.” N-SYS has technically been investigated and cleared by the NCAA with a sanction to Azman Air and the staff from Azman Air in Abuja on (8/03/2021).

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