“Currently In A Place Of Healing” – Davido’s Fiancee Chioma Cries Out


Chioma Avril Rowland, the beautiful fiancee of popular singer Davido, has shared the current state she’s in now.

The lovely lady is actually going through life changes and she is  currently at the state of healing herself, she goes on to advise others not to be afraid of feeling pain and hurt.

According to her, she has found different ways of living her life which is; she cries when it is necessary, prays when she need to and  allow things to happen without trying to control it.

Chioma then added that, growing pains are real and very natural as it’s part of life, therefore we should rather accept and also allow ourselves to feel the pain and hurt we go through at a particular moment

“Currently in a place of healing. So I cry when I need to, I pray, I speak over my life, I have my moments, I let time do what it does.

Don’t ever be afraid to allow yourself to feel pain and hurt. It is a part of life and growth. Growing pains are real.”

Our lovely lady is a real fighter and a lesson to our upcoming generation


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