Ghana Government Scholarships

Ghana Government Scholarships

Ghana government has been supporting Ghanaians students both abroad and at home by awarding them scholarships.

As well known, in Ghana scholarships are awarded to the brilliant but needy students in the country.

For the local scholarship, qualified students from both accredited public tertiary and private tertiary are selected and awarded the scholarship every year.

Also, for the foreign scholarship, qualified students are awarded and sponsored to study abroad.



Under the office of the President, mandated to administer all government scholarships both locally and abroad the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat was established in 1960 as an extra- ministerial body.

Its main programmes and activities fall under the thematic area; Human Resource Development, Employment and Productivity under the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) and Goal 4 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically addressing;

  • Provision of quality education
  • Human Capital Development, Productivity and Labour Relations, thus providing for the manpower needs of the country.

The scholarship mainly concentrates on areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM related courses.

In line with the strategic directive of H. E. the President of the Republic of Ghana, the secretariat has decentralized the award of the scholarship.

This has seen an increase of the number of scholarships awarded per year as well as ensuring transparency.

The scholarship scheme starting from the 2018/2019 academic year, was done in the regional levels has narrowed to the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Levels in the 2019/2020 academic year.

More than thirty thousand (30,000) Ghanaian students in the locally accredited tertiary institutions benefited from the scheme in the 2019/2020 academic year.



How to Apply for Scholarship:

Local Tertiary

The Local Tertiary awards are in form payment of Thesis and Bursary grants to Postgraduate Students in the Public Tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

The award also covers payment of Disability Grants to the Physically Challenged Ghanaian Students in Tertiary Institutions and Long Stay Allowance for Medical Science students in Public Tertiary Institutions in the country.



 Mode of Application

Application forms are downloaded from the Secretariat’s website.

( after a registration code is sent to the various institutions at the beginning of the academic year.

Duly completed application forms must be endorsed by the designated institutional authority and submitted through the Dean of Graduate School to the Scholarships Secretariat.

This facility does not apply to sandwich, part-time, private/fee paying students in public tertiary institutions. The documents are vetted by the Secretariat to ensure conformity to eligibility criteria.

For Disability allowance, completed application forms must be accompanied with medical certificate stating the percentage of disability.



  1. Open the web address
  2. Create an account to register
  3. Complete the application form and upload academic transcripts, admission letters and academic certificate.
  4. Complete an online aptitude test and be scheduled for a selection interview in your selected district.


Foreign Tertiary

Foreign tertiary awards cover scholarships at the tertiary level of education in a foreign country. This is based on a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Government of the awarding country. Currently, the countries that fall under this category include:

  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Algeria
  • China
  • Morocco
  • German Government Doctoral Programme (DAAD)

In addition to the above, the Commonwealth Secretariat also award scholarships to Ghanaian at the postgraduate level based on a multilateral arrangement between Ghana and Commonwealth member countries. There are other countries awarding scholarships to Ghanaians without a counterpart funding from the Government of Ghana. These countries are:

  1. Australia Government Awards
  2. Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships
  3. Turkish Government Awards
  4. Mauritius Government Scholarship


Mode of Application

All scholarship offers under Bilateral Cooperation Agreements are received through Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The role of the Secretariat in the administration of these scholarships entails:

  • Publicity on Secretariat’s website and notice board, as well as one newspaper with nationwide circulation
  • Receipt and processing of applications based on eligibility criteria
  • Interviews and selection of applicants by a committee.
  • Submission of selected applicants to awarding country for further consideration.
  • Communication of awards to successful applicants.


Hotlines: 0302 9629 28, 0302 9629 29, 0302 9629 30, 0302 9629 31
Email: [email protected]
GPS Address: GA 028-206


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