Ghanaian Women Blast A Cocoa Farmer Looking For A Wife Because ‘Neho 3tan’


Ghanaian women on Facebook have descended heavily on an innocent young man on the social media platform and in fact it was an eyesore.

A young cocoa farmer with the name Bonafide Cheddar was subjected to mockery in one of the popular Facebook groups Tried & True after he posted a photo of himself looking for a wife.

Posting a photo of himself the 25 year old man wrote,

I am Joseph 25 yrs of age and very handsome. I Studied horticulture in senior high and currently a farmer with 14 acres of cocoa farm. I need a very hardworking and beautiful lady who is 20-26 for relationship. any serious person should inbox me or contact any of the admin to reach me. Thank you.

These women including some men after stumbling upon the young man’s post rained in$ults on him just because he’s another ‘Mr handsome’ in the making. (Meaning neho 3tan ankasa)

The way they were hauling in$ults at the guy explains why most of these ladies are still single at their ages.

Going through the comments we realised that not all of them were negative and bad, below is one of such comments

Wow 😳! No wonder a lot of people are depressed in Ghana. This is cyber bullying at its best. A lot of people are saying it’s because he said she was handsome in his bio, so now it’s wrong to have a self esteem?
People are commenting like they have the ability to create themselves or create others. Comments like these, can lead to severe depression and possible suicidal ideations.
Please, please, and please, before you think of saying something hurtful, just imagine if this dude right here was your brother or family.
I’m really sad today and my heart is broken. He is a human being with feelings so let’s be mindful of our words. My humble plea.

However 99% of the comments there were all hurtful and negative which were uncalled for. Imagine, someone even said she prays he doesn’t transfer his ‘handsomeness’ to his future kids because it can subject the children to public ridicule.

One lady wrote the comment below;

Dear, abeg just remove the handsome and continue. Now you say how much will you pay the woman that agrees to marry you? Monthly salary ooo. Cos this is work. In fact job. And my prayer is let God not give you children that will resemble you. If not, then social welfare has to claim them to avoid public attention. My humble opinion.

Right now i’m just imagining how Cheddar would be feeling now.
Being rejected by your fellow human beings just because God created you a bit different from them.

But then his story would have been completely different if he was the son of Business mogul Osei Kwame Despite or  Dangote. Such is life.

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