Ghanaians Compare By-Force Musician Fella Makafui’s Song To Convid-19

Fella Makafui

The way social media folks troll Ghanaian celebrities is legendary!

Trending number one on the troll list is our very own by force singer Fella Makafui.

Mrs. Precious Frimpong, wife of AMG music’s Medikal, has been subjected to mockery on social media for releasing two ‘wack’ songs titled, “Over” and “No size”

Fella Makafui

Prior to the release of the first wack song, the latter made so much noise on social media which gave the impression it was going to be a good one. Not knowing it was another “Fameko” in disguise.

Some of us are not surprised though, because she’s being mentored by another wack rapper so that’s expected of her.

According to music lovers, Fella is no different from the infamous “fameko” singer, Emilia Brobbey and the legendary Patapaa.

However, this particular article was highly triggered by a post I stumbled upon on Facebook, where Fella’s “Over” was compared to the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.

According to the poster, there’s no way Ghanaians are going to survive the venom of Fella’s song like we survived Emilia Brobbey’s own, because the ‘Over’ song is more infectious than convid-19.

Fella Makafui

Commenting on the same post, another facebook user said that, he has reported the our by-force singer to the police just in case he doesn’t make it alive after listening to the infectious song.

Well, Fella Makafui sure knows how to be in the news as and when she pleases, the reason she released these “nonfa’ songs just when her wedding brouhaha died off.

Another school of thought going round on social media is that Fella is trying so hard to be like Medikal’s ex Sister Derby which is why she’s trying to push herself into the music fraternity.

It may be true though, since she has been caught on several occasions trying to imitate Derby’s dressing and lifestyle just so she can live up to Derby’s standard, lol it’s like Derby is her standard.


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