GRIEF: The 3 Nollywood Actresses Who Had To Bury Their Only Child In A Painful Way


The sad experience some parent go through, dealing with the loss of their children is an unfortunate circumstance some Nollywood actresses have fallen victim.

Some of our Nollywood film actresses  have  buried their children, who passed away in one sad way.

Our beloved mothers, take the grief  of their lost children to heart considering how they carried their babies in their womb for 9 months with all the hectic pains they endure in childbirth.

The following are three Nollywood actresses who lost their children to the cold hands of death, It’s sad how this life is.

Eucharia Anunobi; The only son of Eucharia, Raymond Ukwu died in August 2017 after battling with sickle cell.

Yinka Adebanjo;  Lost her only son, Adetoun Lateef in June 2017.

Ada Ameh; She lost her daughter on 20th October 2020.


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