If You Help Someone Take Receipt: Watch When Pope Skinny Was Taken To America For The First Time By Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny

In fact the saying that when you help a human being take a receipt is indeed a true reflection of what has happened between president of the Shatta Movement empire, Shatta Wale and his former member Pope Skinny.

We all can attest that Shatta Wale is now the biggest enemy of rapper Pope Skinny and the two of them have been spotted throwing jabs at each other on several instances.

Pope Skinny even recorded a diss song for his former boss, and even went on the extra mile to insult Wale’s father Shatta Capo.

On several instances Pope Skinny publicly disgraced Shatta and has on several occasions discredit Shatta’s successes.

He has even come out to say that Shatta’s video with Beyonce is fake and that Shatta has never met Beyonce before.

Though up till now we do not know what actually triggered their break up, we now know that Pope Skinny is an ungrateful human being who is full of jealousy.

Pope Skinny’s ungratefulness came to bare after a video of him showering praises on Shatta Wale, when Wale sent him to America for the first time.

From the video you could tell that, he (Pope Skinny) never imagined that he could ever travel to America.

But now that he is living in America because of Shatta Wale’s generosity he is out there backbiting and hating on the very person who made him who he is.

Watch the video below and see for yourself why you should take a receipt when you help someone:


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