Jackie Appiah Accused Of Dating Liberian President (Screenshot)

Jackie Appiah Accused Of Dating Liberian President (Screenshot)

Ghanaian actress and screen goddess, Jackie Appiah has been accused of dating Liberian President George Weah by a group of Liberian social media commentators.

Jackie Appiah who was among numerous celebrities from Ghana who attended the inaugural ceremony of the former football star was accused and shamed in a popular Liberian group on Facebook, Discussing Liberia

Although there some rumours that, the beautiful actress was the mistress of President Weah, there were no solid proof about the accusations.

However, this new allegation appears to be solid as it’s coming all the way from Liberia. Actually some of us are not surprised because the two of them, Jackie Appiah and George Weah have given us more than enough reason for us to believe they are having an affair.

If you check the internet right now, you will see that a photo of the two of them is all over the space.

George Weah and Jackie Appiah
George Weah and Jackie Appiah

George Weah and Jackie Appiah

Also if you could remember, when the President of Liberia George Wear was sworn into power, our beloved actress took to social media and sent President Weah a warm and sweet scented congratulatory message.

”Congratulations to His Excellency George Oppong Weah; You are a great person and I know you will do great things in Liberia. So happy for you. Africa loves you,” the beautiful actress wrote on her instagram page.

Now let’s go back to the main issue at hand, and how the actress got exposed.

I was surfing through the facebook and I landed in one of the popular Liberian groups called Discussing Liberia. The group is a platform where thousands of Liberians across the World meet and discuss issues about their beloved Country Liberia.

Whiles I was surfing through the group I chanced on one of the topics that was being discussed and the topic was none other than Jackie Appiah and George Weah.

The author or originator of the said discussion about jackie Appiah and the President posted a photo of Jackie Appiah and President George Weah alongside Rwanda President Paul Kagame and his beautiful wife and captioned;

“Other leaders bluff with their own wives. But Konman always bluffing with girlfriends. Kagame and wife taking a walking in private area to avoid the spread of coronavirus”

That's the original post and evidence to the story
That’s the original post and evidence to the story

This post by Fafinee Kamara generated a lot of comments, both negative and positive, but the negative surely outweighed the positive reactions as many sympathized with the first lady of Liberia Her excellency Clar Wear whiles lambasting the President for publicly displaying his lover.

President George Weah and his beautiful Jamaican wife Clar Weah
President George Weah and his beautiful Jamaican wife Clar Weah

Well, some of us are not surprised at all beautiful as Jackie Appiah is, every man she meets would want to have a taste of her wine and that is what seem to be happening.

She is a true goddess from head to toe, her enchanting smile and incredible beauty would surely and definitely charm any man who comes her way.

Not to even talk of her irresistible body and neatly dressed appearance, In fact she is every man’s dream so President George Wear is actually living the dream of most men out there.

In other news photos of Jackie Appiah and her ex-husband being joined together in a customary marriage way back in 2005 has popped up online after 15 years and Ghanaians are talking about them since they popped up as they can’t seem to believe the enchanting actress is actually a divorcee.

Nobody seem to believe the actress was someone’s wife 15 years ago, but that’s the gospel truth.

According to the information and reports the 36 year-old actress tied the knot with her ex husband, Peter Agyeman in a traditional wedding ceremony in 2005, and got divorced 3 years after and has since been very secretive about it.

Despite the number of many times the media tried to get Jackie Appiah or Peter Agyemang to reveal what caused their divorce, none of them was ever ready to talk.

But with the way things are going on well with the actress and how successful she has become it is obvious Jackie was relieved when she got rid of her husband.

Jackie Appiah and her ex husband Peter Agyeman have a very handsome son named Damien Agyemang.


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