List Of Local Restaurants In Accra

List of local restaurants in Accra
List of local restaurants in Accra

Not all Ghanaians really like the Chinese foods and other European dishes. A thorough survey shows that majority of the Ghanaians populace actually like the local dishes other than the Chinese dishes.

And this proves to be true too, as some Ghanaians could say “we are at home, and we should eat our traditional foods”.

Due to this, a good number of Ghanaian mothers have set up some local restaurants to bring out the best of our traditional delicacies.

Although some enjoy these dishes because of some traditional believes, others too enjoy them seemingly because they are their traditional foods.

Local dishes in Ghana include; Fufu and goat light soup, Tuo Zaafi, Omo tuo and groundnut soup, Wakye, Ga kenkey with fried fish, Fante Kenkey and peper with fried fish, Banku  and tilapia, fufu with palm nut soup, Red-red and fried ripe plantain, boiled yam or plantain with kontomire stew, kelewele and among others.

The following are the top local restaurants in Accra featuring these dishes:


  1. Asanka local

Asanka local is traditional restaurant popularly noted for offering superb Ghanaian and African soups in Accra. It serves lunch and dinner dishes.


  1. Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen is a leading local restaurant in Accra. It serves launch, breakfast and dinner meals. It also features seating, reservations, serves alcohol and others.


  1. The Ghanaian Village

Located in la palm royal beach hotel in Accra, it provides excellent selection of Ghanaian dishes. It serves lunch and dinner.


  1. Simret restaurant

It is a small and affordable local restaurant offering basically a wide range of Ghanaian dishes. Its dishes are vegetarian friendly. It features Reservations, Buffet, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer etc.


  1. Buka restaurant

Buka is one of the popular local restaurants in Accra. It serves launch, Dinner, Late Night, Drinks meals. It features Takeout, Reservations, outdoor seating, private dining, seating, parking available, television, serves alcohol, full bar, etc.


  1. Azmera restaurant

Azmera restaurant is one of its kind. It offers purely local Ghanaian dishes. This restaurant features outdoor seating, full bar, reservations, serves alcohol, buffet and others. Also, Azmera restaurant offers launch and dinner meals.


  1. Chez Clarisse restaurant

Located in Accra, is one of the local restaurants offering Ghanaian dishes. It serves lunch and Dinner meals. It features outdoor seating, seating, serves alcohol.


  1. Fafason restaurant

Fafason restaurant is also another Ghanaian local restaurant basically serving Ghanaian local dishes. It offers lunch and dinner dishes.


  1. Chopshop restaurant

Located in Kuku Hill Circle I Acrra, chopshop is a Ghanaian restaurant. It also Ghanaian and Afican dishes.


  1. Living room

Living room is a well-known local Ghanaian bar or pub. It serves locally prepared gin and other alcohol together with goat soups or other local dishes.


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