Meet Alichia Adams,The Lady Who Died Alongside Genius Ginimbi


Alichia Adams  was one of the ladies who died alongside millionaire, Genius ‘ Ginimbi’ Kadungure in a car accident days ago.

As stated by reports, Alichia was a model and a fashion strategist.



A witness who was there at the time of the incident, gave an account saying:

“The three girls didn’t make it out. They were just crying inside the burning car. We couldn’t do anything”.  Sadly, the beautiful Alichia Adams was one of those girls.

The saddest thing is that none of the victims survived and an eye witness also stated that Genius Kadungure was alive for a few minutes before he gave up the ghost.

Very sad indeed…….

It was also alleged that the business mogul, Genius Ginimbi, had already bought his own casket one week before his accident, this is quite strange though.

Watch the last video of the model before the accident happened;



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