Michy Still Loves Shatta Wale And Here Is The Proof!

Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy
Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy

Shatta Wale’s banana must be really sweet for Michy to be all over him like that.

Anyway, Michy has responded to Shatta Wale’s birthday cum love song to her and this is what we deduced from her reply.

When you take a critical look the words she wrote on her Instagram page, it is obvious and clear the queen still loves her king but she’s just afraid she might just be chopped and dumped again if she gets back with him. And That is the actual truth!

As we all know, Wale yesterday took advantage of his ex fiancee’s birthday, poured out his heart and recorded a love song titled ‘Infinity’ asking for a second chance.

Wale even suggested he’s ready to marry Michy should in case she decides to come back.

Well, the song seems to be doing some magic because Michy is in love with it and her reaction says it all.

Responding to the song the beautiful mother of one, took to her Instagram page and wrote;

This song is so beautiful 😍 it makes my ovaries tickle 😆 I would have loved to say thank you in person but I don’t want any chopius situation🤦🏻‍♀️😂so God bless you @shattawalenima thank you for the beautiful song & ………… #infinity #birthdaysong #atonement #sweetEx unfortunately there wasn’t an infinity but the lessons & blessings have been rewarding 🙏💕

Love they say it’s blind and conquers all, that’s the case of the Shatta Wale and Michy’s love.

And oh those two still got feelings for each other and we wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together.

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