PHOTOS: Government Holds A Funeral For George Floyd In Accra With State Money

George Floyd

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, The Ghana Tourism Authority , Office of Diaspora Affairs(Office of the President) together with The Diaspora African Forum is today, June, 5, 2020 holding a funeral rite for the murdered black American George Floyd.

According to source, the funeral is currently ongoing in front of the premises of Diaspora African Forum, Dubois Center.

George Floyd

So in a nutshell, the Government of Ghana and some few mischievous Ghanaians are wasting the resources of the Country on a wreath laying ceremony for George Floyd all in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

How can taxpayers money and the monies accumulated through the Year Of Return be wasted on this absurd funeral? No one is saying we shouldn’t mourn the deceased based on the circumstances he died, but then we shouldn’t go the extra mile to waste money on this when we as a country is in a middle of Coronavirus crisis.

George Floyd, a Black American met his sad and untimely death after a police officer chocked him by kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes.

George Floyd
George Floyd

This sad incident has triggered serious protests in the United States as several demonstrators storm the streets with placards labelled “I can’t breathe” –words used by the deceased as he screamed in pain before dying, while others write “Black lives matter”.

Floyd’s death was quite unfortunate and heartbreaking but, The NPP Government should sit up and make good use of the taxpayers money!

Photos of the funeral below:

George Floyd

George Floyd


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