RECIPE: Simple And Easy Way Of Preparing Beef Sauce


Cooking of food is obviously not for everyone, reason God gifted some people with the needed skills and knowledge to help those who may need it.

This article is about to teach you how to make that beef sauce you’ve been craving for all these while.

Those who have not tried or tasted beef sauce before can as well try it at home as it’s very simple and easy to prepare.

So basically Beef sauce is a combination of shredded or chopped beef and vegetable with a little touch of finest.

Beef sauce

It’s a whole meal and it can be eaten with either rice or spaghetti.

When preparing beef sauce all you need is the following ingredients:



Green pepperĀ 


Cayenne pepper(powdered pepper’)

Corn starch/ baking floor

Cooking oil

Some garlic and spices for seasoning.

In other for you to get the exact and perfect taste and finishing watch the video below for the cooking procedures.



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