Shatta Wale Begs Michy For Another Chance, Says He’s Ready To Marry Her

Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy
Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy

Talented and controversial dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale will never seize to amaze Ghanaians.

The latter upon all the ill things he said about his ex Michy is now asking his baby mama for another chance.

Wale, after hinting he misses the good old days with Michy has released a song titled ‘Infinity’ for his baby mama.

Though he says it’s a birthday song for Michy, the lyrics suggests otherwise.

Per the lyrics, Wale is rather asking Michy to revamp their love story.

When you listen to the song you could hear him say Michy and him are meant to be together forever, and that their love is infinity.

You could also hear him say he’s waiting for the ‘poo pin poo’ (wedding)
which suggests he’s waiting to marry her should she come back.

Prior to the release of the song Wale penned down a beautiful birthday message telling his baby mama he still got love for her.

With all what he’s doing, one could tell he’s just lonely and misses Michy because she’s been looking sumptuous lately and nothing else.

But then if Michy too dey feel am, she should just go back to him already for them to continue their drama.



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