Tima Kumkum didn't apply emotional intelligence – Kwasi Aboagye fires


Actress and TV presenter Tima Kumkum

Peace FM’s Entertainment Review host, Kwasi Aboagye, has scolded Tima Kumkum, an actress and TV presenter over the ‘unintelligent’ answers she gave during an interview with Delay.

Tima in the interview disclosed that “I married my ex-husband to spite someone, an ex-boyfriend who had slept with my best friend. So it was a sort of revenge marriage. I was not in love with him even though we were friends and I liked him…He knew I didn’t love him… He thought with time, I could develop love and affection for him…”

However, Kwasi Aboagye says she should have considered her children instead of making such remarks.

“I think she should have demonstrated a lot of emotional intelligence because there are children involved…You might be speaking the truth but think about the children” he said.

Listen to him in the video below:

Source: Showbizarena


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