Uche Elendu Discloses The Spiritual Attacks She Encountered When Giving Birth To Her Daughter


Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu, has revealed the countless spiritual attacks she had to fight in other to save her daughter who is still alive and turns 12 years old today, November, 11, 2020.

The actress took to her IG page to post a charming photo of her lovely daughter, she also went on to reveal the hell she and her baby girl went through to stay alive as a result of fighting spiritual battle with the dead.

Posting a photo of her full grown baby girl she wrote; “Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life, my big baby, my first fruit, my bunch of talents”

By this time 12 years ago I was fighting a battle with principalities and powers, fighting with dead people I recognized, the doctors and nurses had lost hope, only the Lord could possibly have saved me and brought me back after 5 hours, Thanks to my doctor that dropped his surgical equipments and picked up his bible and started praying in the theater @uzomaosuji God bless you sir🙏 that’s why when I praise God, I do it without caring where I am and who is watching, there’s nothing that can move me, cos I have been in the war front and my Warrior, the strongest and mighty man in Battle delivered me, this big baby came out breathless and it took an angel in the body of a nurse to breathe life into her..”

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