Video: Gospel Musician Joyce Blessing Fights Sister in-law Over Custody Of Her Kids Amidst Divorce Rumors

Joyce Blessing

News broke yesterday that, gospel musician Joyce Blessing and her husband Dave Joy are at edge of ending their marriage.

According to the information we gathered, the home of Joyce Blessing and her husband cumĀ  manager Dave Joy is on fire and it might lead to a divorce.

Though many say it may be a publicity stunt for an upcoming project, we are tempted to believe it may be true because of a video we intercepted on the internet.

In the said video, the gospel musician was seen exchanging unsavoury words with her sister in-law over custody of her kids.

Joyce Blessing
Joyce Blessing and her family

Per the words exchanged in the video, Joyce Blessing engaged in a verbal fight with her sister in-law when she was denied access to her kids when she went over to her sister in-law’s house to pick her kids.

The unpleasant video has splashed all over the internet but social media folks still believe it’s a publicity stunt for an upcoming project.

Well, if indeed it’s a stunt, then it’s a disgrace to her brand and the gospel music industry because as a gospel musician you shouldn’t lower your standards and soil your marriage just for a trend.

Watch the video below:


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