Wondering Why #Benin Is Trending In Ghana? This Is Why

Why Benin is trending in Ghana
Why Benin is trending in Ghana

For the past three days, the word Benin has been trending on all social media handles, especially on twitter and many people do not know the genesis of this who thing.

Even most of the Ghanaian celebrities are asking why everyone is talking about Benin and why it has trended on number one for more than 24hrs.

Well, I am here to tell you how it all started and why it is has trended number 1 on Ghana’s twitter.

So in a summary, The Benin jokes and memes started when a screen recorded WhatsApp audio of a desperate young man in a WhatsApp group called Benin 2020 2nd  Batch hit the internet.

In the above mentioned audio recording, the young man whose name was identified as Pappy was heard saying that, the way the streets are hot these days he won’t sit idle for anyone to pressure him, hence he must go to Benin at all cost.

The way the young man was passionate and emotional about going to Benin influenced this whole Benin thing.

Wondering why he wants to go to Benin of all countries for riches?

Benin is known to be a powerful juju or money rituals hub for most game boys and sakawa people, reason Pappy wants to visit Benin at all cost.

Listen to the recording below:

Below are some of the funny Benin tweets…


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