You Will Die Like Ebony – eShun’s Former Manager cum Ex Fiance Tells Her


Things are really happening in this country called Ghana, especially in the entertainment fraternity.

Musician eShun has revealed some interesting and dark secrets about his former manager who also doubled as her fiance and we’re here to gist you all about it.

The musician who’s career is currently on hold as a result of doing ‘love and family’ business with Stephen Mensah her manager cum ex has come out bitterly about this who brouhaha.

eShun in a recent interview revealed that she was in an abusive, and emotional blackmail relationship and her decision to opt out to save herself has caused her, her career.

Diving deep into the issue she said, Steve as she calls him was the one managing all her finances and deals and that none of the monies she worked for ever got to her.

And as a result she went totally broke when she had a misunderstanding with her manager cum fiance.

The mother of one explaining the misunderstanding, said that it all began when she refused to move in together with him.

But why should a woman you’ve not married move in with you? Even the undergee chopping we’re chopping is not the right way not to talk of she moving in with you. She did well by not moving in.

Moving forward, she also revealed that, she was blackmailed several times in her relationship with her ex through a fake man of God when she decided to opt out of the abusive relationship.

eShun also admitted to cheating on his fiance. Justifying why she cheated, she said that, she cheated to get over the trauma she was going through.

Going into the dark side, eShun revealed her ex fiance and former manager even disguised himself as a man of God and told her if she doesn’t return to the abusive relationship, she will end up like the late ebony.

All of these information came out after eShun’s verified Instagram account was sadly taken away from her by her manager just because she they are no more working together.

Currently, one Naana Blu is the one using eShun’s verified account she has built over the years and it’s very irritating and unlawful.

eShun really seem hurt but then I don’t think it was right for her to put all those information out there.

However, I think our ladies in the show business should take few lessons from the musician’s story so that they also don’t fall victims.



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